Saturday, June 30, 2007

"It fits!" "It fits?"

So I bought some amazing shoes today. They are black and shiny and comfortable. They also have leather soles which is the best part because I got them principally for my dance class.

I started this quest at DI trying to find something cheap but made for dancing. As one might expect, there wasn't anything particullarly helpful there. I decided that rather than spend a bunch of money on dance shoes that I might never use again, I'd spend lots of money of dress shoes that I could use for my class and then for special occasions after that.

Something I've learned: shoes are pricey! Especially dress shoes with leather soles. I wandered around a few department and shoe stores not really finding anything, but then I saw Mr Mac and decided to try it out. The Shoe Man was busy helping some prospective missionary so I mosied a bit looking at what they had. There were a few that looked nice, but at similar prices to what I had seen before. After a few minutes, I noticed a clearance table and wondered if there was anything interesting.

Kinda tucked into the middle of everything there, I saw a pair that was my size and that looked nice. I tried them on and they even fit well. (This is particularly amazing, because very few shoes actually fit comfortably.) I decided to discretely practice some of the Fox Trot moves that I had learned and at one point as I brought my feet together, there was a sharp clack. I can click my heels with these new shoes! And it's not just a wimpy click; it's a hearty, bright click. I was immediately sold and now they are sitting here in front of me at home. It was a pretty exciting moment.

I odd thing that I'm realizing now though is that I have more pairs of shoes that I have pairs of pants. I don't think that I have an excess of shoes because they are all for very practical purposes, but maybe I have too few pairs of pants. Or perhaps I've never really considered the pants/shoes ratio and in fact it about right. Hmm.