Monday, March 2, 2009

Remember How I'm Your Friend

I'm often really surprised how mean return missionaries can be to people who try to persuade them of something. You'd think after 2 years of dealing with unkind people, they would learn from experience how to kindly, but firmly, let someone know you are not interested.

I'm helping out a friend of mine with her run for BYUSA president, and it was my job tonight to cover my ward and make sure they all vote for her. A lot of people were really nice and great; several were not. The most surprising thing to me were the people who are my friends and who were really mean.

I had many people tell me that they didn't really support anything that BYUSA does, and therefore didn't plan on voting, and that's OK. It is not OK to be unkind though. I think that these people don't realize that being mean to people who are pushing for causes that are important to them makes a world a worse place.

In any case, here is my rant at the world.